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Our special Top Coat not only makes your manicure shine, but also extends the durability of our nail polish strips. The special texture seals every MANIKO design with just one layer. Our unique formula gives you a long lasting shine - for nails with an ultra glossy look
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Wanna have sharp killer-nails, Darling? With this fabulous glass nail file you’ll feel like Uma Thurman fighting the Crazy 88 with a Samurai Sword in Kill Bill while you trim your nail strip to size.
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Felt cute, might remove later? We've got you, boo boo! Our nail polish remover will not only remove your manicure fast but will also nourish your nails with rich ingredients like Aloe Vera and apricot kernel oil.
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It’s all about the base, honey! This base coat with valuable ingredients such as biotin, keratin, vitamin E and calcium cares for your nails like tender French Lover. Bye Bye nail salon – Hello natural nails!
*up to 4 applications per pack if strips are cut in the middle