Correct application and removal of our UV Gel Strips

Important: Do not apply under sunlight or outdoors!

Here's how to do it:

  • If you have very stressed & brittle nails, wait until your nails have recovered before using
  • Your white nail edge should be at least 2mm long, this way you can file it down the best

What you will need:

- MANIKO Gel Strips (package includes nail file, wooden sticks, and alcohol pads)
- UV Lamp
- Nail scissors


1. Remove cuticles

Extend the life of your Gel Manicure by pushing back your cuticles with the wooden stick and removing the thin layer of cuticle on your nail bed.

2. Cleaning

Clean your nails with the alcohol pad to free them from any residue. This creates the optimal base for your manicure to last longer!

3. Choose your size

Choose the suitable Gel Strip sizes for your nails.
Hold the Gel Strips over your nails and opt for the smaller size if you are unsure.
If you can't find a suitable size, you can also trim the strips.

4. Apply them

Apply the Gel Strips and smooth them from the center to the edges. Make sure not to stick them onto your cuticles.

5. Fold over 

Fold the overhanging end under your nail tips, so the entire nail edge is covered by the Gel Strip.

6. File

File the Gel Strips horizontally below the nail edge using the nail file. Always file in one direction to prevent damaging the strip. Never file the strips vertically in an up and down motion.

7. Press Edges

Press the Gel Strips firmly onto your nail edges. This significantly extends the durability of the Gel Strips.

8. Curing Under UV Lamp

Connect the UV Lamp to a power source. Place your index, middle, ring, and little finger centered under the UV Lamp and switch it on. Let the strips cure for 1 minute (Our MANIKO Lamp automatically turns off after 1 minute). Repeat this step again with both of your thumbs.

IMPORTANT: Do not look directly into the UV Lamp light!

Correct Removal:

Apply the MANIKO Remover Serum onto the cuticles.
Dip the tip of the wooden stick into the Remover Serum and gently lift the strips from one side.
With the soaked stick, now loosen the adhesive layer between the nail and the strip, working from one side to the other, not in the direction of growth.
Soak the stick after each movement again with Remover Serum or brush a drop of Remover Serum under the strip with the brush.

Do you want to perform a French UV-Gel Manicure?

Then first follow steps 3 - 8 with the white French Tip Strip and then repeat with the transparent Gel Strip.
Using the transparent overlay strip extends the durability of your French Manicure!
Also, when applying, make sure that the overlay does not touch your cuticles.
If the overlay does not fully make contact at the lower edge of the white French Tip, you can press it down there.