There you are now in a stuffy, crowded train and curse another day in the capital. But then later you stroll through the crowded and noisy streets at night, looking at your nails with silver stripes, thinking, "This is where I belong.".


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There you are now in a stuffy, crowded train and curse another day in the capital. But then later you stroll through the crowded and noisy streets at night, looking at your nails with silver stripes, thinking, "This is where I belong.".

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Our nail polish strips are not tested on animals and are produced with vegan, gluten-free ingredients. They are free from ingredients such as toluenes, xylenes, camphor, formaldehydes, formaldehyde resins, ethyltosylamides, triphenylphosphates (TPHP), rosin, organohalogen compounds (AOX), parabens, silicones, eugenol, animal ingredients and benzophenones and are therefore 14-free.

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from open flames! Please keep away from hot surfaces and sources of ignition. Do not eat or swallow this product. For external use only

Step 1: Cleaning
Clean your nails with nail polish remover or an alcohol pad for a clean, grease-free nail surface.
Step 2: Applying Base Coat
After the pre-treatment of your nails, apply a layer of our nourishing Base Coat, which dries in just a few seconds.

If your nails are very brittle or stressed by gel, we recommend applying two thin layers of our Base Coat. In this way the nail is treated with important nutrients while wearing our nail polish strips.

Let the layers dry well before applying your nail polish strips!
Step 3: Choose size
Choose from 8 different sizes of strips to ensure the best fit to your nail. The numbers in the middle work as a size indication and help you to find the right nail polish strip quickly and easily.

If you are unsure between two sizes, choose the smaller size for natural nails. With gel or acrylic nails, you should choose the larger size because of the nail curvature.

Tip: If you can't find the right size, you can also cut each nail strip individually with nail scissors.
Step 4: Apply Nail Strip
Remove the transparent protective film and peel the nail polish strip from it's backing. Place the nail polish strip on your nail and press it down from the middle towards the tio of the nail.
Step 5: Fold excess
Fold the excess nail strip under your nail tip so that the nail edge is completely covered with nail polish. Be careful not to pull the nail polish strip over the tip of the nail too strongly. This is the best way to ensure clean nail edges.
Step 6: File
Carefully file off the folded end horizontally underneath the tip of your nail with the MANIKO glass nail file.

Avoid filing in different directions in order not to damage the nail polish strip. Also avoid filing the nail polish strip vertically, as the up and down motion can cause file dust to get under the nail polish strip.
Step 7: Seal
Finish your manicure by sealing it with a thin layer of the MANIKO Top Coat. Avoid applying two or more layers of our Top Coat in a row! Don't forget to additionally seal the nail edge to avoid tip wear.
Do not pull the nail polish strips off your nails. If your nails are thin, heavily stressed or brittle, the nail plate can be strained and weakened. Our nail polish strips can be removed easily and gently with our acetone-free nail polish remover. Its special formula is effective in removing nail polish without drying out the nail due to ingredients such as apricot kernel oil, glycerin and aloe vera.
Butyl Acetates Butyl Acetate This substance is a clear, colorless solvent with a slightly fruity smell. In cosmetics, butyl acetate has a masking effect on unpleasant inherent scents. As this substance is also found in apple juice, it is completely harmless.
Acrylates copolymer This is a water-soluble plastic, serving as a binding agent that ensures the cohesion of the color pigments in our nail polish strips. Since this is a water-soluble plastic, we are trying to find a more environmentally friendly alternative as soon as possible.
Polyurethane-33 This ingredient is a harmless binder that holds color pigments together in decorative cosmetics as well as in our nail polish strips.
Polyethylene terephthalate This ingredient is a film-forming agent that ensures that the keratin of your fingernails is protected and prevents them from tearing.
Trimellitic anhydride This substance is a harmless softener that is often used in nail products. Thanks to this substance, our nail polish strips remain beautifully elastic and cuddly.
Adipic Acid This harmless substance regulates and stabilizes the PH value of cosmetic products. It can also reduce or inhibit unpleasant odors of a product.