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What are Maniko Nails?

We have printed liquid UV Nail Polish that can simply be stuck on.

Salon-Quality at Your Fingertips

✔️ 100% Real Gel Polish

✔️ No Drying Time

✔️ No brushing

✔️ Holds up to 3 weeks

We've already made

Nails Gorgeous.

And with this experience, we have optimized our sizes.

Stick on. Cure. Done!

The innovation of production




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We even refund the full purchase price up to 45 days (Even for opened products!)

Questions & Answers

Maniko Gel Strips do not need to be dissolved, instead you dissolve the adhesive underneath the strips and slowly peel them off. Maniko nails can be removed much more gently than a gel manicure. All you need is our acetone-free Remover Serum and a bit of patience!

Find out more on our Removal Page.

Our base coat is optional. If you have soft and brittle nails, care is essential. Feel free to use our MANIKO base coat before your application. Take care of your nails in between with some MANIKO nail oil. The vitamin E contained in it makes them grow out stronger.

Our Gel Strips last up to 3 weeks without chipping.

Each strip can be cut in half and used a second time. So almost all hand sizes get 2 applications from one package.

Learn everything about our shipping on our Shipping & Returns page.

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