Maniko Redesign

Welcome to a New Era
The big redesign of Maniko is here!


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We are excited to announce the redesign of our Maniko brand! Our brand and products have received a fresh, modern look, while the trusted quality

remains unchanged. Our new appearance is inspired by the beauty of nature and the need for relaxation and self-care in our hectic lives.


It's Time

Time for yourself.

Time for self-care.

Time for a good feeling.

Time, even when it's sometimes scarce.


We want you to start the day knowing: I can do this.

We want you to tackle things with a good feeling – because the nail polish holds!

We want you to discover yourself anew through colours and designs – or simply stick to what you like.


With Maniko, we've created a new nail concept that revolutionises your lifestyle:

Like polish, but robust.

Like at the salon, but self-determined.

Like manicure, but Maniko.



Modern, Soft, Natural - The New Logo

Our new logo embodies our brand and our values in a refreshing way. From minimalist and cheeky to organic, modern, and feminine, it exudes harmony and balance.
The gentle, earthy tones and natural shapes underline our commitment to a relaxed manicure experience.
Together with sleek, contemporary typography, the new design gives our brand a sense of freshness and relevance.




Proven Quality, New Look - Our New Packaging

Our new packaging gives Maniko Nails the stage they deserve!

We designed every detail with love to ensure the packaging is as beautiful as our products.

It's more compact and slimmer, with the strips now separately contained in 2 single-row carrier foils.

Each row now also contains 10 strips, so each package now includes 20 strips.




When is the New Packaging Coming?

 Starting in mid-September, we will gradually ship the individual designs in the new packaging.

Of course, we won't leave the old packaging unused or dispose of it but will sell it off.

This also means that during the transition, an order may contain various packaging.

We will clearly indicate on the product detail page as soon as a design is already being shipped in the new packaging.


What's Next?

We will be launching more new colours this year.

We will also launch an improved composition of our Remover Serum and our Remover Pen.




FAQs about the Maniko Redesign


1) When will I get the new Maniko packaging?

The new packaging will likely only be available for selection in the online store from August 2023.


2) What changes with the gel strips?

Our UV Gel Strips remain in the usual quality and formula.

However, instead of one sheet with two rows, there will now be two sheets with one row of strips per package.

Additionally, the new packaging will contain 20 strips instead of 18.


3) Can I get products with different designs?

Yes, there will be a transition phase where both designs are in retail.

You may receive some products with the old logo and some with the new logo.


4) Will there be new colours?

Yes, new colours will gradually be added to the range.