Frequently Asked Questions


1. I don't buy a pig in a poke. So, what are MANIKO Gel Strips made of?

Girl, we got you! We handle the ingredients of our products with complete transparency. That's why you will find a detailed list and explanation of all ingredients our products contain on every product page. Just click on the ingredients tab.

2. No animal will be eaten or worn by me. Are MANIKO Gel Strips vegan?

Every woman should be able to rock a perfect manicure with our products – without exceptions! Therefore, our Gel Strips and all related products are vegan.

3. I care about the welfare of all animals. Are MANIKO Gel Strips produced without animal testing?

We cried a river watching Bambi as a child. So be sure: No animals are harmed in the production of our products!

4. Sustainability is very important for me! How often can I use a MANIKO Gel Strips set?

Dissipation is so uncool! That's why a MANIKO set contains 20 self-adhesive Gel Strips, which allow you to have 1-2 complete manicures. Depending on your nail length, you can use one Gel Strip for two nails if you cut it in half with nail scissors.

5. I don't do One Nail Stands! How long can I keep the MANIKO Gel Strips after opening?

You had a wonderful time and then you lost sight of each other? Fortunately, our Gel Strips are not resentful! After opening, a MANIKO set can be kept for up to 6 months. Just make sure to keep your Gel Strips in an airtight package or in our MANIKO bag. Just like conventional liquid nail polish, our Gel Strips can also dry out.

6. Hold up! The colour I received looked different in your shop. How can that be?

You’ve been looking forward to a seductive red and now are a little disappointed because the colour is a little more muted than expected. Unfortunately, that happens...! Did you know that the colours displayed on the screen are light colours and may differ from the original colours, i.e. the body colours, depending on the setting and brightness of your screen? This means that screen colours cannot pass on the actual colour and are not binding. 

But don’t fret! Click on the colour of your choice in the shop. There you will find a gallery with several photos, including pictures of the design being worn by our model. Hopefully, this will help you to get a better idea of your next favourite colour! 

Application & Removal

1. This all looks pretty nice. But how do I use MANIKO products correctly?

We got you covered, girl! Everything you need to know to correctly apply your Gel Strips can be found on our Application Page.

2. My nails are so short it looks like my nails are wearing a meat hat. Can I use your Gel Strips on very short nails?

Cheer up, darling! Not every woman has to grow long claws to have beautiful hands. Short or long - we love every nail length!

However, for optimal use, your nails should have grown at least 2 mm out of the nail bed so that you can use the file to come up horizontally on or below your nail edge and file. This allows you to file off your Gel Strips neatly and easily without damaging them. And our Gel Strips are far too beautiful to have unsightly edges from filing, right?! 

3. We had such a wonderful, unforgettable time - but now we should break up. How can I remove your MANIKO Gel Strips?

Goodbye, my lover! Goodbyes are always tough. Fortunately, with our MANIKO Remover Serum it’s quick and painless. You can read all the important tips for removing your Gel Strips on our Removal Page.

Order & Shipping

1. I love coupons! Where can I redeem a voucher, discount or promotion code on your website?

Yeah, we’ve been there. There’s nothing  like a good discount code to make the heart flutter OR skip a beat. You’ll find a field on our Check Out page under your order summary in which you can enter your voucher or discount code.

2.Oh, I'm always so impatient. What's your delivery time?

Waiting sucks! We get it, girl. We do our best to get your orders to you as fast as we can. All information about the delivery times can be found here: Shipping & Returns

3. I am not a stalker, but can I track my package with a tracking number?

I mean, doesn't every woman become her own MI6 agent when she's desperately waiting for a package? We know the feeling, so your shipment confirmation email includes a tracking number which allows you to easily track your package.

4. I'm a shopaholic! What payment methods do you offer?

Seems familiar: At the end of the money there is still so much month left. Fortunately, we offer the right payment option for every shopping queen. 

Want to pay immediately? We accept PayPal, Shop Pay, and Google Pay.

Prefer to pay a little later? Then you can pay in instalments, with Klarna or credit card.

5. What are your shipping costs?

You can find all information about the shipping costs here: Shipping & Returns


Returns & Exchange

1. Unfortunately, I am not so satisfied with the products. Who can I contact?

We offer you a 100% happiness guarantee for a full 45 days after delivery. Please contact us by e-mail at

2. Oops, I placed a wrong order. Can I still change or cancel it?

Excitement can cloud your judgment. If anyone can understand that, it's us!

Please contact us by e-mail at so we can check the status of your order and whether it is still possible to cancel it. 

If your order can no longer be cancelled, wait until the package has arrived and you can return the wrong item to us free of charge.

3. Oh no! Sadly, I received the wrong/ a defective item. What can I do?

We might have been too distracted by our perfect nails when we were packing. We're really really sorry. Feel free to send us an email at and we will immediately arrange for a quick exchange.

4. Now let's be honest, guys: What will it cost me to return an item?

Extra costs are so out... ugh! The return shipping of our MANIKO products is completely free of charge for you - yay!