In Short:

Stick on

File off


No more painting

No liquids

No drying times

Fast application

What you'll need:

UV Gel Strips


Nail Scissors

Important during application:

Avoid direct sunlight!

It is best to do your application indoors, avoiding direct sunlight. The natural UV light outside can cause your UV Gel Strips to harden prematurely within seconds.

Step 1

Push back cuticles and clean

Push back your cuticles with the enclosed manicure stick or a cuticle pusher and remove the thin layer of cuticle on your nail bed to extend its durability. Clean your nails thoroughly with the enclosed alcohol pad.

Tip: Wash your hands thoroughly with washing-up liquid before applying to remove any oil residue.

Step 2

Select the right size

Hold the Gel Strips over your nail and choose the right size from the 8 different widths. If you are unsure, choose the smaller size. You can carefully stretch the strips to fit your nail shape perfectly.

Tip: If you can't find a suitable size, you can also cut the strips to size or stick them to one side of the nail and carefully stretch them over the remaining nail width.

Step 3

Stick on

Stick the Gel Strip on and smooth it down from the centre outwards. Do not stick it onto your cuticle.

Step 4

Cut off and fold

Cut off the remaining half. It is important not to cut too close to the edge of the nail so that you can still fold the end over. Fold the remaining end under the tip of your nail so that the entire nail edge is covered.

Tip: Depending on the length of your nail, you can use the other half for another nail.

Step 5


Carefully file the folded Gel Strip horizontally below the edge of the nail. Always file in one direction so that the strip is not damaged or frayed. Never file the strips vertically in up and down movements.

Tip: If you have difficulties with filing, you can also harden the shortened strips first and then file them off, or cut them to size with nail scissors.

Step 6

Press on the edges

Press the Gel Strips firmly onto your nail at the edges. Use either your fingers or a silicone hoof stick to do this. This will prevent the edges from lifting up as they harden.

Step 7

Cure under UV LED Lamp

Connect the UV LED lamp to a power source. Place your index, middle, ring and little finger in the centre under the UV LED lamp and switch it on. Wait 1 minute. The MANIKO UV LED lamp switches off automatically. Cure your thumbs separately.


Apply the MANIKO Remover Serum onto the cuticles.

Dip the tip of the wooden stick into the Remover Serum and gently lift the strips from one side.

With the soaked stick, now loosen the adhesive layer between the nail and the strip, working from one side to the other, not in the direction of growth.

Soak the stick after each movement again with Remover Serum or brush a drop of Remover Serum under the strip with the brush.

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