Mix it, baby! Become your own Nail Artist with our new Mix & Match Collection!

Break out the champagne, girl: We've got something to celebrate! Our first collection of both unicolor and transparent base designs that lets you customize your manicure just the way you want it is here: - Hello Mix & Match Collection.


Below we present to you the new collection:


Do you find unicolored nails too boring? We got you, boo boo! That's why you can now find 9 individual patterns with metallic effects in our shop to give your manicure a unique touch. As all designs of our Mix & Match Collection are printed on a transparent base, you can easily apply them to your favourite MANIKO colour. Et Voilà - your very own nail style is ready! 

Whether used alone, on nail polish or on our nail polish strips - be your own Nail Artist and create a unique nail look with the following 9 designs:

Broken Mirror

This design brings the famous shattered glass nail trend from Korea directly onto your nails. Broken Mirror consists of different holographic pieces that bring the illusion of a broken mirror onto your nails. Pretty cool, right? Worn alone, this design is already a real eye-catcher. But together with Comfort Zone, Broken Mirror looks truly stylish.


Gold Veins

Elegance is your middle name? May we introduce: Gold Veins! With this flowing golden pattern you can give any colour a fine marbling in seconds. With warm nuances like Vintage Velvet, this design harmonizes beautifully. Our tip for the summer is Gold Veins in combination with Blanc, which looks incredibly luxurious, especially on tanned skin. 


Gypsy Heart

Sienna Miller and Vanessa Hudgens are your style icons? Then take a look at this bohemian style design. Gypsy Heart brings a beautiful boho pattern in white on transparent onto your nails and looks especially trendy on pastel colours like Lavender Love or Neo Mint.


Indian Goddess

You never went anywhere as a little girl without your mandala coloring book? Then we will make your girl's heart beat faster with this design. Indian Goddess puts an all-over mandala look in rose gold on your nails and looks especially mysterious on brown shades like C'est La Vie or Brown Sugar


Iron Lady

You are more team silver than team gold? Enter Iron Lady! Just as cool as Margaret Thatcher's Attitude is this silver design with brushstroke pattern. Worn alone your nails get a trendy chrome effect. But also with cold colour nuances like Purple Passion or Blizzard Iron Lady looks incredibly classy.


La Vie En Rose

"Nothing floral", you think. We see and hear you, darling! Here comes La Vie En Rose with delicate rose-gold lines that will put a delicate rose pattern on your nails. This design is especially effective on warm shades, like Dusty Rose or our new colour Baby Girl.



Futuristic looks à la Blade Runner and The Fifth Element are exactly your thing? The different arrangement of the silver blocks allows you to create a new, futuristic nail look over and over again. Together with Blanc, Metropolis forms a super modern look.



If Marie Antoinette were still among the living, all her maids would wear this design. For more opulence is impossible, ma chérie! Opulence is a design with golden rococo ornaments on a transparent base. Combined with dark, bluish berry tones or Sapphire, this design gives your nails a regal look. Now all that's missing is your crown. 

Silver Linings

You're more Miss Minimalism? Here's something for you! Silver Linings is a design with delicate, silver stripes that pep up your nails without being too much. If you like minimalistic nail looks à la Bettina Goldenstein, you will love Silver Linings. Because even worn alone this design is an absolute it-piece!


In addition to our Mix & Match Collection you can expect eight more new colour shades in our shop, which can be combined wonderfully. All 17 designs are marked as "new" in our shop and are permanently available in our assortment.